Sunday, November 28, 2010

22: Love Letter

Dear u,

It's not very long since I've known u, but u've changed me and my life after peeping into it. I've given u d best position in my heart and my life. Though it has not been long but still we've been so close to each other in just a short span of time. I hope to 've a very loving and long life with u.

I hope u feel the same for me. I here by commit all my love and life to u. I love and adore u. u r  every thing for me. I promise to bring u stars u dreamt of and would strive to bring you all happiness of life. Your sweet talks and your lovely smile has added the spice in my life which has been tasteless all the while.
I feel so warm and affectionate in ur arms and feel as if my life begins and ends with u. When u are not around, I just feel I should keep reading your lovely sms again and again. I feel more happy the closer I am to you. For me love is life and love is u. I love to talk to u on phone and my talks never end. 

There is always a new topic to share with u. I can indeed share every minute and every silly incidence of my life with u. I have wowed u from the very day I met u. Your entry in my life was out of the blue, but yes, it has brought several new things. Now I can see the rainbow in my life and feel the beauty of everything around me. Life had indeed become barren prior to meeting u and as if u brought oasis to my life.

I used to feel strange how people can sing luv songs, and write luv stories, but after meeting u I feel even I can do that. u've favored me with that lovely environment that I hear music in the background. Today I can understand the deep meanings of the luv notes printed and published in the magazines and on the net. The deeper u dive in, the better u understand the beauty of luv.

thanks 4 d luv n life..

ur suwithart,

footnote: it's not a show off feeling,,but juz a little appreciation dedicated to encek gewe